Please Look After Mom is the story of a mother, and her family’s search for her after she goes missing in a crowded train station, in Seoul, Korea, told through four richly imagined characters, the daughter, the husband, the eldest son and finally through Mom herself.  It is a remarkable book and one of the best I have ever read.  I keep returning to different sections of it just to savor the impact of the author’s words.

As Jamie Ford, author of Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, wrote as a guest reviewer of this book....

“Some books change us. They change the way we look at ourselves, the way we interact with those closest to our hearts--the way we’ve loved those people, or the way we’ve missed them or honored them or taken them hopelessly for granted. This is one of those books. This is a book that alters the way we remember.”

I, like Jamie Ford, wish I could read this book again, as if it was the very first time!!!